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Stanley/Stella t-shirts

The t-shirts are produced by the Dutch company Stanley/Stella who we trust to provide us with our Fair Wear certified 100% organic t-shirts. Each t-shirt is fairly made in Bangladesh in factories that comply with human Fair Wear laws.

Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to ensure factories and factory workers are complying with fair and safe working laws. Each brand that is Fair Wear certified is regularly audited and regularly keeps track of working conditions in textile factories. You can learn more about the Fair Wear Foundation here.

Organic cotton

The organic cotton used in our Teeshie t-shirts is farmed through natural methods without the use of GMO cotton seeds and chemicals that are harmful to the environment because of the toxins they spread through the soil and air. Producers and farmers are also protected against these harmful chemicals that have been proven to lead to illness. Organic Cotton is a natural resource that allows the human skin to breath and is biodegradable meaning once the lifecycle of a cotton piece has come to an end, the fabric can naturally be absorbed by Mother Nature without harm. You can learn more about Eco Cert here.

Each Teeshie is uniquely designed by hand and printed by a small, family owned, printing company in Wetzikon, Switzerland. You can be sure the hands printing your Teeshie have received fair pay and good working conditions. 

Pam showing her Teeshie design on iPad

Every Teeshie design is unique because each design is handrawn by Pam. The lettering, the icon on the back, it's all hand designed with a lot of human love.


55 dollars written out
The price is a combination of the following costs:
Shipping Materials
10% to the bioRe Foundation to help build much needed toilets in India
54 purchased t-shirts equals 1 toilet donated to a family in India
(this is especially important for the women and young girls)
Food to keep the founder and Teeshie alive


When you buy a Teeshie, you say yes to supporting fair pay, good working conditions for others and a thriving environment.


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