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A Few Facts:

1 out of 6 people work in the fashion industry

80% of are women

98% of those women work long hours in unsafe environments while being severely underpaid

The fashion industry is one of the top pollutants on this planet due to it's water consumption, chemical use and clothing waste

80 billion pieces of clothing are purchased each year around the world

26 billions of clothing end up as waste in landfills in the U.S alone

Polyester is a non biodegradable, chemically man-made fibre. Polyester is the fabric of choice for fast fashion brands

Micro plastics are polluting our water each time synthetic material is washed

Non-organic cotton uses approximately 2,700 tons of water to produce one t-shirt due to the modified cottonseeds used and pesticides.

Organic cotton reduces the Co2 footprint by 46% as no pesticides are used and organic cotton farming relies on natural sources of water such as rain and water irrigation

Fashion with a Purpose

Teeshie donates 10% from each purchase to the Swiss bioRe Foundation. The bioRe foundation was founded in 1997 to support and promote organic and biodynamic farming with a focus on Cotton. The bioRe Foundation funds several projects in India and Tanzania to provide a better quality of life for the organic cotton farming communities. All of their projects support one of the following pillars:

Right to Ecology

Right to Education

Right to Health

Right to Work

Right to Development

Right to Health

*Approximately 355 million women and girls don't have access to a toilet in India. The lack of toilets in India forces women and girls to relieve themselves in open fields which invites predators to assault and diseases to spread. Teeshie has chosen to support the bioRe Foundation Sanitation Project which is responsible for building toilets. The cost to build 1 toilet is 294 CHF (approx. 290 USD) which means for every 54 Teeshie t-shirts sold, 1 new toilet gets built. That is 1 toilet added to a household which equals one safer and healthier family.

*Based on the WaterAid report: Out of Order: The State of the World's Toilets 2017

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