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 How do I know my t-shirt is really organic? 

Each Teeshie t-shirt is GOTS certified. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard which is an organisation that ensure organic cotton is truly organic cotton through testing and regular assessments and inspections. Learn more about GOTS here.

 How do I know my t-shirt is really Fair Trade? 

All of our t-shirts are Fair Wear certified. Fair Wear is an organisation that with strict guidelines to ensure Fair Wear clothing is being produced by employees who receive fair pay with safe and healthy working conditions. Our t-shirt supplier receives regular audits from the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure they are up to standard. Learn more about Fair Wear here.

 What is The bioRe Foundation? 

bioRe is a Swiss based foundation who focuses on aiding and supporting organic cotton farming communities. Projects and efforts of The bioRe Foundation are mostly surrounding the following 5 pillars:

Right to Ecology
Right to Education
Right to Health
Right to Work
Right to Development

Money from donations will go to a project supporting one of those 5 pillars. You can learn about The bioRe Foundation here.

 Business with a Purpose 

Teeshie pledges to donate 10% of the earnings from each t-shirt purchased. Sustainability and equality is beating heart to our brand and we believe it is our responsibility to keep the cycle going and growing. 

This means that with every t-shirt you buy, you are saying: Yes, to a better future for our people and our planet. 

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