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Life: Self Doubt is Like an Unexpected Bag to the Face

Posted on December 15 2018

Girl accidentally getting hit with a bag to the face

Self doubt. It can blindside us like an unexpected bag that hits you in the face when you are in the middle of taking a tourist picture in Barcelona (2010).

As I sit at my desk in my corner office of the living room. Typing away, creating my Teeshie content plan, I feel a major shift in my mood. One moment ago I was excited and inspired brainstorming the success of Teeshie's future and the next? Despair. Anxiety. Hopelessness.

It really happens THAT FAST. I've experienced these feelings a lot since the first time I launched my blog in early 2016. Sometimes the feeling of despair fades quickly and sometimes it lasts for days.

If you are also a creator of any type, chances are you have listened to your fair share of motivational speeches or clips. I know I have. I have heard over and over that it's common to have self-doubt when you are starting out - and when you are in the middle of it - and that maybe self-doubt never goes away?

Either way, I only recently realized for myself, that my own personal self-doubt was manifesting itself more often than I thought. And in ways I didn't realize.

Being afraid to ask for money for your product? Self-doubt.

Feeling nervous and sweaty when you are talking about your idea to others? Self-doubt.

Feeling uncomfortable and confronted when someone asks "hey, how is _____ going? Self-doubt.

Feeling there is too much to do and how are you going to do it all? Self-doubt.

Self-doubt seems so obvious, right? Well, not really. Not to everyone at least. I've learned that having an overly optimistic personality can blind us from our own self-doubt. I've personally experienced the negative impact on my own success and health.

I've been dealing with the most stubborn case of eczema on my arms and knees since embarking seriously on the "entrepreneurial journey". Stress is a known factor for turning on the Eczema switch in the human body.

Self-doubt IS stress.

And while being positive and optimistic are really useful traits to posses – pretending we don't have self-doubt isn't going to make it go away. Becoming consciously aware of the party happening in our inner world is a sure way to save ourselves from itchy rashes and unexpected bags in our faces.

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