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Winter Solstice, Middle Ages and We Are Not Going to See the 22nd Century...So...

Posted on December 22 2018

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Today I came across an Instagram post by Eco-Age founder Livia Firth talking about the Winter Solstice celebrations through Druidic traditions.

Intrigued by the idea of death and rebirth, I began looking into Druidism and found it originated in fourth century BCE. If you are like me, you are thinking when was fourth century BCE? I began thinking back to history class when we learned about B.C and A.D by drawing timelines. But I couldn't remember so well – it's been awhile.  

So, I Googled: "fourth century BCE" with the Wikipedia article coming in as the top result.

I continued reading about the main events that happened in 4th century BC and all the significant people that lived in that time. This was the period of Greek philosophy, Alexander the Great, and of course, Master Sun's work: The Art of War.

My brain began spinning with how much history came before you and I.

After 400 BC came the article "Centuries and Millennia". I figured it was a good time to brush up on the timelines of history once again.

I was totally in the rabbit hole of history and link clicking.

I moved from 400 BC to the "Middle Ages", the time of the Renaissance. A period of 1,000 years divided in three sections.  Although, it was a period of discovery (Hello, Leonardo da Vinci) it was also a time of famine. The Black Death, also known as the Great Plague killed off about 30%-60% of Europe's population. According to the Wikipedia article, it took the world 200 years to recover the loss of humans because of this deadly plague.

Doesn't that make you feel weird or get you thinking of the history of humanity?

It's just so crazy to think that if you, like me, were born before the Millennium; chances are – we – are not going to get to see the 22nd Century. Unless of course technology advances and we become "Passengers". Like in the movie.

Our time here is so short. The average human life span is less than 100 years. That is 100 years out of how many years before us? And how many years after us? Doesn't that make you feel like: Shit, I better enjoy the time I have now! We should definitely plan for tomorrow, but this little trip down history lane has once again reminded me: JUST LIVE. We are not here forever. We are and will be little specs of history on the timeline of this world. This fact can either be discouraging or inspiring. What's it going to be?

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